It’s time that so-called “stiff” drinks loosened up a little. We’re not indulging in spirits straight out of the bottle these days because there are far better – and definitely far more flavorful – alternatives out there. Chief among those palate-pleasing mixes is a new banana-infused whiskey from Derby Spirits. The launch of this new product is sure to set an industry standard when it comes to flavored whiskey, as finding new ways to spice up this ever-strong fermented grain mash is become a popular pastime. Derby Spirits, a producer based out of Nevada, has been paying attention as the recent trend of artificially-flavored whiskey products, but decided to do one better and develop a process for natural infusion. That’s why they carefully planned their banana-flavored offering and studied the markets to find the right demographic for this drink.

How popular is banana-infused whiskey? It doesn’t take long to find recipes for banana muffins with whiskey butterscotch sauce, banana layer cake with whiskey caramel icing or banana nut whiskey cake. What better ingredient to work into any of these recipes than the banana blend from Derby Spirits? There are plenty of, shall we say, more “traditional” uses for banana-infused whiskey, as well. Some of the best drinks to incorporate this spirit into include those that place it front and center and enhance the flavors with bitters, nutmeg and (most importantly) dried banana chips as garnish. We give that one points for creativity! Cocktail trends come and go, but banana is here to stay. The combination of whiskey and this fruit is certain to intrigue, impress and excite drinkers from coast to coast. The next time you’re out and realized that you’ve grow tired of the same old whiskey-based Manhattan cocktail, tell your bartender that you’re ready to try something a bit more bold.